My work is mixed media printing, collage and drawing on paper using thread, string and small installation elements. The marks are rendered and collaged within spacious worlds, coming together and connecting while also falling apart, responding to gravity or floating into space. The work, although largely nonrepresentational, is personal in nature; I render in private symbology my own experiences of relating. Within these worlds there is a chaotic kind of intimacy with forms simultaneously  building and disintegrating. The viewer is invited to feel a sense of floating and falling, heaviness and lightness, forming and unforming with pinned paper, vivid color, approachable line, tiny ladders and tethers of thread. This simple presentation encourages, in its whimsical manner, reflections of a serious nature. 

Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Debra DeGregorio studied Printmaking and Drawing at Kent State University, Ceramics and Printmaking at the University of Akron, and received an MFA in Printmaking from SUNY New Paltz, New York. She resides in Ohio and is currently teaching at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.  

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